Yōjigen Pocket

Assalammualaikum. =)

Yōjigen Pocket = lit. fourth-dimensional pocket = Doraemon's Pockets

Can I start my day with a dream?? Precisely, an imagination. Well, imagination made our world today. Hm... Just read a post from an old friend [MAYA]. She is a friend since primary schools, SK Lohan, then it came we were in the same team for debate and forum during our secondary schools. Win and lose, we experience it together. =] 

She talk about that 'very advance technologies' of Doraemon's pocket. HAHAHA. Fine, she is  good to make such post and I am good at copy and edit the statement to be mine. OK, this is unethically. Frankly, I like the idea. Why did you really want that pocket?

Human being usually seek a quick or easy way out, with such aforementioned pockets, things will get very easy. There is a lot of gadget inside there that are still beyond our reach but may be. And even, impossible!
Well, I am a human also a typical one, not that freaky vampire,Victoria in Twilight series *Bella is human tho!* or ghost in Hantu Kuntilanak. Ops! Kya! That why I need the pocket, so I can go home now! Because that pocket have everything, the dokodemo door, time machine, the small light, the take-copter, 3D printer, memory bread- this is the one that i really want,  so i can eat it before exam and cannot go to toilet before finished answering the question!! and there is a mini jet, which we will shrunk when we get into it... also the ten commandment,ops..I don't recall, it is the gadget we write 10 rule within us, whosoever broke the rule will struck with light. 
  • Put it at schools, any student who smoke inside or outside the schools will struck by light. Made it up until university! This is compulsory.
Now, come to sense Ida! Life get better when we put effort on it. And that it's, if time can be returned, everybody doesn't bother with the opportunity that open widely. Well, if it need to be done, we just can return to the time, isn't it? And there is no point on living! Even though, there is a lot of things had happen, and i really want to change it, but wise said "learn from experience".. hehehe, we just can't deny that.Think in the black hat for other stuff. But after that, use the yellow card to make the conclusion.

I like Doraemon since my childhood time, up until now, even the series end already. This manga series is very successful, it have up until 1700++ series, and have their own fan world-wide, even some of the university make research for this series. Doraemon is not only a robot, but friend and the guardian for Nobita, he helps whenever Nobita was condemn, having a hard time, or being naughty together. However, usually the story end up with the gadget just make thing harder to Nobita, especially when he misused it. Well, I guess that mirror the reality of life.

Later...I seriously need some nap! Out to the dream land...

p.s :: Jumud adalah penghalang terbesar dalam anjakan paradigma. Edward de Bono. Baru baca dalam note titas pagi tadi... Chao!


  1. Agree wif u idah :) Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.. im waiting fr u, utk bikin gadget yg da function sma gn poket c doremon..^^

  2. @Maya Natasha nasir hahaha....yg tu out of my reach la...sgt bnyk mo pkir klu mo buat tu poket



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