School : Season Finale #3

"You won't be able to finish you project at this rate."

I know, I know... But some are doing much slower then me while some like don't even care. Darn, I am freaking jealous here! 

The thing i can't foresee is that, there is one most crucial step that I need to go through and never can be skip. If I have failed these step, then the whole circuit is 'going to trash bin'... You know what it mean. Then, there come another excuse I made in my mind, I didn't take these class, how am I suppose to do it. Oh my, go away bad thoughts! 

Last semester, I don't have another semester to delay these stuff.

ps : do anything that annoyed me and i'll stop thinking

once upon a time

i dream about having life without shot-gun and peaceful living. 

then, when i grow up, i saw there is an issue that acquire not only their citizen, but the issues among the ummah. then, i've been strike by a rumors that there is a long ago sultan claiming his long lost land. but somebody told me, it might be another pirate. "oh what you think you are jack sparrow?" but some of them rule the sea and land. that can't be ignore. they are not isolated issues.

but then... 2 down, then now it goes up to 6. all those people who stand in the front line put their life on stake for somebody else life. then, there is somebody that didn't saw where it will led when we use weapon over everything. this is not some fire simulation, this is real situation.

one of my favourite teacher once ask: "macam mana kalau suatu hari nanti kita diserang, bersediakah kita untuk melawan balik?bersediakah kita?" and now the question is dangling inside the head every moment.

berperang bukan setakat punya teknologi frequency tinggi tanpa dapat dikesan atau punya can you even stand on the word berperang? it sound so old, so long, so _______ and never end. would you live on it? would you go through it? 

please, think wisely, jangan terus hilang pertimbangan. let hope. let pray together. let together we get along. let put our trust on whatever act taken by the front line.         


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