9 AM

Assalammualaikum. =)

Now it is exactly 8.46am. I have another 15minutes before start to do some assignment, EM, EE and µP. Just check my email, because I ask my sister to send me something. Then I found a slider puzzle sent to me. Spam. Never mind, because I only can solve it twice, and never since my secondary schools. Frankly, that was under my sisters instruction though. Hehe~~Later, I start played the cube puzzle, still under my friend instruction. Only manage to solve it 4 times.

Unsolved puzzle.

There is certain route we need to follow to solve this puzzle. Because of that, the pressure will make the puzzle to explode. Right after you can't solve it. =} One thing for sure, when you at the end meet, you may be not realize that under your conscious you are forcing your mind to think, to solve it. 

Just like our life, sometimes, it good to have a room to move. However, when the room is full, it doesn't meant we are done, that time we have to think either we can stay or not. Life is just a maze, you go all around, in every different route, we still have the same sky to watch, the same surface to walk. You think it is the end, because you didn't think about it.

So THINK! Thought is very powerful, it even can make you sick. =) *ayat thinking skills*

p.s :: Engineering is one of the field you need to think seriously. 

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