Gunung Kinabalu – Part 2: The Hike

Timpohon Gate - Laban Rata

It is 6KM from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata *but trust me, it doesn't feel like only 6KM. And I felt cheated. You, the sign lied to me right?! * Well, climbing Mt. Kinabalu really depends on our physical fitness, that is why that 6KM seems like 10KM for me but for some other people, 'oh come on this is such an easy trail.' Don't walk with them, these will psychologically make it harder for you as you inrush to follow their steps. They are dragon, I am ... err... waiting the snails so we could reach the peak together? 

the dragon was way ahead

I won't say you couldn't reach the peak without training. No, you could. That is the matter of your endurance level. But do listen to me, do not underestimate the trail in Mount Kinabalu *so do the Broga*. It might leave you disappointed with yourself even you reach the peak.

This is what happened when there is fog inside your lenses

Tangga V2

Tangga V3

Dinner at Laban Rata.

Alhamdulillah, kenyang. Hahaha

Gunung Kinabalu – Part 1: The Team

Alhamdulillah. All praise and thanks to Al-Mighty. We been there, 4095m above the sea level. Call me crazy. Call me sappy. But I go all excited over this. 

The team will always have the part 1, because they will be those who keep you moving. Credit: Ana Faraqien
 Ray - Dydue - Kairuddin - Afif - Yusra - Ochil - Saya - Hadi - Shaq - Iqbal - Ana (the leader) - Lehan


6.30 pagi - Tunggu Ana dan Shaqiee di depan SMK Lohan.
6.50 pagi - "Oh, Idah inilah si Shaq (baca Sheq)" My first encounter dengan seorang perempuan yang sangat-sangat menyenangkan hati.
7.22 pagi - Apip tulis dalam whatsapp 6.30 punya zanzi p


9.56 pagi - Di depan Timpohon Gate
12 orang dengan harapan.
 Semua bekas pelajar SEMEKAR.. Count Shaq in because she is the 'in-law'... =)

10.30 pagi - Briefing daripada guide,
 i) Jaga diri
 ii) Jangan tunggu kawan
 iii) Don't rush, take pictures, enjoy the views - part ni yang buat saya rasa tidak bersalah sampai Laban Rata pukul 6 ptg

and we start hiking...

Selamat Mendaki

Itu Nurul Ain aka Dydue. Dialah partner saya dari turun Timpohon Gate sampai Low's Peak.
Why your team is important? Because they are your motivator here. At some point, you will have this tendency to give up (well, it might be happen happen only to me. ermmm... I guess so) but they will never put you down.

During the hiking I walk together with Dydue. We were repeating the mantra from one of the climbers, "Slowly but surely" and one of his teammate continue with "You will get there". And wow, we did, we really get there. All of us, no one left behind.

I almost gave up during the climb, I am tired I can't breathe well and I am giving up... Luckily, Ana still around and she was like "Idah, jaga ko sana~ Sikit ja lagi ni" Finger pointing dude! And the guide was like, "erm... jangan sajalah kau menyesal" Oh come on! Then again, dude, that was sweet!

Was that all my whining? It is another maybe 200m in front of me to reach the Low's peak, and again I said "what if I stop here?" Then, I get this i-am-not-bringing-you-for-the-next-trip from Ana... I know, so annoying right. But that is how important they are. Ouch shot, be a man and I flirting with you shamelessly. Hahaha... Damn!

The dragon
"Kemonnnn... Sikit ja lagi!!"

The lot slower... Hee

Part 2 would be the hiking  - basically we walk in the nature, a long walk..
Part 3 would be the climb - because we used rope on the rock? =.=" ... 
I want to separate both of it, because I had to show off... Boooo

I am really sorry to my back-packers team at Peninsular Malaysia. "Have fun people!"


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