My view #0.1: Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

I watched the movie even before I read the book. And I am rooting for Amy Elliot Dunne in the movie, I enjoyed whatever she do to her husband namely Nick Dunne... Damn, I hate a story that involve a cheating people (well, of course, she cheat even a lot of people, the pregnant mother, Desi, Greta, the media, the police and her family, their family!) but she pulled a very meticulous plan to destroy her husband.  

It happened to be, me taking a rest in between of pages reading academic book. But then, I am all disturbed. I know... in the middle of the book, I will hate the wife - because my friend told so-. *no, i only get the ebook. so, i have to try harder to not read it now*

That is it, i just want to tell how I felt about the movie and because I didn't share the same view with my friend - am I freak to like how she execute the plan -. I know I think by default, I didn't care how they actually did not communicate to each other (well, of course Nick said about it) and if it ever happen in real life, we will really hate the wife because come on, the cop have much better work to do rather than cracking their head finding the wife and try to bring the husband to death penalty. 

Here, why I like about the alpha-perfectionist wife... she execute the whole damn plan alone, and the police just follow her lead. We don't usually meet people like that. Hahaha. No, we always meet a people who will try to destroy you, but not with a very well plan plan. I prefer she talk her problem, and argue with her husband... But that must be boring. Then again, why did I root for the wife? 

I will try to finished the book on Monday (oh my, I have 2 more papers for this semester... so it had to be my first priority, but I already kill my curiosity by reading the three last chapter of the book, and yes, I still agree with Amy behavior for that - i have no trust left -) and maybe share what I think about it. 

until later. here, I think the wife is freak. Hahaha... I need to recall why I like the wife. seriously, why did i ever agree to her? oh, i only give it a thought. Ok

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