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Now is the time for treatment... Sorry, no secret recipes nor pizza. Just a kimpab treatment by a friend... Uwah, thanks dear... - With Soon and Farah. =) Senyum sampai ke telinga. Without any cucumber, egg, carrot or what so ever the ingredient except, some pepper, dried see weed, rice for sure and salt, but enough as my dinner today. Nadia refuse to eat! I don't care, as I didn't want to share it anyway. *Gedeet! Shut up! I am...*

It almost the end of study week, isn't? I didn't even notice how in the blink of eyes, tomorrow will be Friday and next week will be my semester 5 final exam. - another 3 to go! then the real battle come. 

Well, good luck for those who taking paper at 2nd january. Mine start at 4 January, for BI U. Continue at 7th for MCS, 13 for OS, 14 for embedded and finally 17 for DSP. Don't look at the gap, it still not enough! Especially for OS and Embedded. I put my faith on DSP and MCS. Please BI U, don't pull my CGPA down this year... (UniMAP C, always hurting me!) 

After yesterday, fatal heartbreak... :'( today need to recharger to the fullest. That the spirit, baby! *Wekkk!* Been in the phone with my beloved parents, *thanks to GOD, technologies advancing* and a friend. Just to throw out all the hard feeling.

ps :: just a simple hi make a crappy day ... fine. 

it's okay to cry

there is pain to bear. all the emotion is all mixed up, make it even harder. 

Wednesday: 28/12/2011
and the feeling just need to turn into; 

printf ("Current feeling > \n");
scanf ("%heart", &feeling");
people_saw = feeling & smile;
printf (" ^_^ = %heart", people_saw);
end;              //whatever it is, smile... n _ n  

the truth is... i am tired, tapi... ada keseronokan dalam kesusahan. this one i can't deny. 
my hand ask to stop, yet the adrenalin just on rush! urmm... i figure out that, there is nothing about this post... just want to kill time... 

current project: RMS Meter (ADC0804, LCD) -not running-
i need oscilloscope and function generator now! i mean now!! now!!

the out rated topic

take me back to 2009. but ya, its too late for you because you in third year already. this is the word that made me think all things doesn't go well, it is on air at 10-11am today. =P

well peeps, here it goes. making a decision about further study is not something you just can click and submit when filling your UPU's on-line form. go to something that you interested with, you have the right to choose what you like. don't put the wages later as the priority, if you want to make money, then go for business, it make more money! but if you like technologies and challenges, so come into this engineering field.

I wrote it before, i like math but i suck on it! but actually there is a new condition to think about, "How many times I said, I can't do it?" and "How many times I tried to solve the problem?". Learning process required time, it happen life-time! So, I need to stop whining, and try to do solve that lot of problem.  

setiap hari, kita akan belajar perkara baru. practically or theoretically, either secular or non-secular way. being a college student doesn't put the bull's-eye is first class degree. It is the knowledge what matter! I got friend, who didn't do good in digital signal processing, but unbeaten in microprocessor. But ya, there is also a friend who good in all of that thingy, which ya... buat saya jealous. again cited "I'm not good in DSP. But I stress the subject which I will used later... the others is for fundamental. The basic thing you should know as an engineer." Hm... 

So, am i gonna waste this 3 years just like that? No way, even i am the youngest in that class. But still, I am not Benjamin Button, I getting older each seconds! There is no more seconds to waste, there is a lot more to explore!      

oh ya, dear our favourite sir, it is not you are the bad lecturer. Not at all. it just us. we forget the pre-requisite subject. and somehow losing the eager to understand what it is. we did interested with all this language, but seriously i don't know. I understand the thing, but can't explain into word.

>> the problem is we didn't even try to understand the lesson! <<

ps :: getting a knowledge, isn't just going to schools.

dr jekyll and mr hyde

i am sorry if you hurt but i am myself itself...
i am not billy milligan which diagnosed with multiple personality disorder...
i am dr jekyll and mr hyde in the same time.
just like them, i don't know if i hurt you and kill the moment. i am terribly sorry.

i don't know... i don't know...i don't know... how are you?

ps : you are the straw of my berry.

YOU, stay strong

kadang-kadang kita berada pada satu tahap yang kita sudah hilang harapan.
rasa bodoh dan sangat teruk. 

masa tu, jangan pernah salah buat perbandingan. jangan lihat kepada orang yang sudah berjaya, orang yang sedang senang.

ALLAH membahagikan kebahagiaan itu secara berhikmah. yang akhirnya, kita yang perlu menilai.

jangan pernah takut buat kesalahan! mistake is just a way to learn. speak out, what you don't know. we'll try harder to help, but we still need your idea to help, that way help both of us. 

kita semua student, kecuali salah seorang itu P.M so bila kita stuck on that road, dia boleh tolong dengan mudahnya, tapi in the moment we are building the basement for future, we still used the same trick -try and error-. Oh, even our lecturer is not a God, not even Google, he said and that true.
ps :: annoying when what he said always right.

Wordless Wednesday #6

things always fizzle out
never let me down, not even once.  
~ just to realize i can't lied it ~

Devotees : Kau Hadir

Dikau hadir
Di kala aku memerlukan seorang teman
Dikau bawa secebis bahagia
Bila aku hampir berputus asa

Kuterima segala
Apa yang diperduga
Kini ku bersedia
Hadapi hari muka

Kau bawa sinar cahaya
Di hariku yang gelita
Dan dikau hadir tepati waktunya
Membawa tawa ceria

Bila mana kau terima
Hidup ada suka dan duka
Mendung takkan selamanya
Sinar mentari kan menjelang tiba

Tajuk Nasyid : Kau Hadir
Artis : DeHearty
Album : Insan Istimewa


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