Tolong Ingatkan Aku : Ana Raffali

Ahaks...Yalah~yalah...I didn't watch the performance during AJL and i don't think i need to watch it.
Just listen to the song, you know it worth the RM35,000. *encik ICT, tolonglah jangan block YouTube*
Bet me, i just listen the song first time yesterday, after i read the article which condemn the song.
Like i care, you didn't like the song but she won the prize already...

Are you strong enough?

Life is just like that
Like a ball that spinning around
We will be either on the top
or at the other side

everyone is fragile
the heart may sink in no time
but how fragile it is
depend on how we show it
that the different

we may just crying alone
wipe the tears with my own
and hit our chest
just to keep believing


When we are ignored and dumped without any apparent reason.
It is not strange to be confused and miserable beyond belief.
Devastated is just at the edge.

Then, we are planning a surefire plan to get back that backfires.
Just to feel being here.
The feeling is awesome when 'nobody become somebody'.

We, who are dealing with our own problems
Confessed the secret, fulfilled the promise, facing the music,
doubt the hesitation, taking the risk, dealing with hatred and angst...
And the story goes beyond...

Life, the outcome is unpredictable, but that's not really important.
What's matter is what happens along the way.
Yet, in the end, will we discover what we truly want?

Bicycle VS Honda

Hahaha...can't somebody take me down?


the whistle blown..
the game we play still continuing...
without anyone care the whistle...
because the game we play has no victory

will you stop?
i'm not

curl up

they read ketika cinta dan wahyu bersatu
she read indahnya cinta
he read rindu tanpa akhir
lafazkan kalimah cintamu is her favorite book
*don't judge the book by it title*

a cup of coffee
or a box of tissue
take some of your time curled up
read a book

- kata-kata bukan bukti unggulnya perasaan - *ewah!*


this is the first weekend i had in Uni for this semester...
there is still stuff unpack... arin still haven't came back here...
and the class only 3 started...
even though, my schedule for this sem is a messy, i just had to fulfill it the best i can...
just like every one of us want to...

p.s : i'm busy!

Now playing : Speak Now - Taylor Swift


today is the 3rd day of 2011..and i didn't see any different. what changes only the number of year.
i didn't put any great goal this year just like a year before. but significantly, i did.
it just not the great one. but goal doesn't have to be great...
as long as we want it to be happen, or just want it,
that is a goal!

Life is short!
wake up early in the morning..
live in life to the fullest...
and the routine goes on...

p.s : make no bones about it, you are the best in making your life script!
hidup bukan untuk main-main...


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