Just laugh it off

Somebody asks me, why am I still can laugh when I actually had lost 2 laptops? Well... what was there to cry for? Am I not sad? I am not that cold hearted.

16 August wasn't anyone birthday's. But our first experience having someone broke into our house. Surprisingly, other than the laptops and some cash (damn, its not just some cash. Basically, its my pocket money for the next two weeks) Nothing else taken by the person (or people).

I might have been stingy... I didn't want to share some of my rizki to others. 😂😂 I don't know. One of my friend said, 'pembersihan harta'... and when I used it to my other friend, some are mad to me.

Apparently,  I am sad. Really sad. But really, there is nothing I can do. I have to accept that yeah, shit happened. So that I remember we not always lucky. God let these happened so that I won't be so careless anymore.

Ok. Chao. I'm not so good in writing for the time being.       


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