i wonder

how to become official VIP?
VIP - Big Bang's official fan club

ah ya... itu soalannya. jawapan? never mind. i'll support their song

sedang cari lagu f(x) - beautiful stranger english cover atau english version, selepas tu terjumpa dengan lagu henry & amber - happy holiday (satu-satunya sebab saya minat dengan f(x) ialah sebab amber tapi bukannya saya benci yang lain, cuma tidak peduli dan lagu tu mungkin boleh tutup mulut orang yang benci amber dan cakap amber tidak boleh menyanyi.. urgh idah please) OTL

tujuan sebenar : buka browser untuk download appendix dari web pearson, download practice solution. shut down laptop. tapi sedang trending sbs gayo deajun. and because this writer is another delusional daragon and the whole uploaded video are blocked, i need to resists the urge to go kangar just to download SBS Gayo Deajun 2012. Tunggu  petang 5 january and i'll off to Kangar studying opto and downloading  - ouch nice plan. now, it not going to happen. i spent the whole study week played games and eat

what you just read is craziness

ps : i put everything about bigbang away. i am near to obses with them. euh! 

right now

this moment i was thinking to;

- changing the whole theme and template of this blog

- adding the about-the-so-hypocrite-me box

but no, i was;

- tapped this word

- download songs


- i feel tired

- and bid good night


well, it been a while since I played the role as the miss-know-it-all. and this time with another image, as insolent child which had affect terribly to my image . 

The heart tantrum? I, personally never failed to think that hatred is one very powerful emotion that drive people. It sometimes twisted into something sounded like, you need to save yourself before anyone else. It is that very fortunate that you were able to gradually pull yourself, at least at one point (which beyond of it, would crash yourself into a broken pieces which may be impossible to amend again)

However, to jump into conclusion, those drive force are not simply brew inside, it is may be that particular emotion are become frightening than before, or the result of getting hurt. Once you provoke them in the wrong way, you might bitten severely. But, in a glimpse of eyes, you should know whether you grown stronger... or weaker. Knowingly, no way your pride will admit that you worsen and crushed deep inside!

The question mark, could you cope the feeling when you forced her to stay even if her heart isn't there. Stop forcing or leaving each other. Please, stop taking each other for granted, stop torturing each other. When the person that doesn't even deserve the hatred, is eligible for ignorance only. This point, you are finished   ♫♪♫

urgh! that what i want to vomit since start tapping the keypad, but it not happen. what am i discontent with?! about those freaking incredible driving force that have such pride that either one of them would ever lower their head to cry? i suppose... it another world-class acting in front other human being, well i should stay put i guess.   

awak, awak tahu yang saya juga punya topeng dan selalu berubah dihadapan semua orang supaya tidak banyak yang sakit. tapi apa yang saya tidak tahu, the sly smile, the attitude just dragging everyone into the corner, and every single of them is suffocated inside, confined unconsciously! and i wont take the blame.or should i. i said, i need to save myself anyone else - its what hurt the most.

i know that i have another side that irritating, but what did i just wrote? what is the feeling flowing through the nerve? who beside it? hahaha... come on, this came from certain unbelievable story that get me flop at 4am!! and to think again, i don't know a thing. so let these stay as the letter tapped at the keyboard unintentionally. well, i should settle my own life before peeping others. heh~~~ | (• ◡•)|

ps : i don't know who are you that keep appear in my dream. i just need a tight sleep. don't go think of me before you go to sleep, they said i keep talking in sleeping. oh! post ni jadi panjang. memang.... habislah~~~

e-mailing your professor

people usually labeled me as presumptuous. which I still don't understand which part as no body had told me even i ask some. some labeled me as arrogant, which i think because i don't talk to a strangers. and it might just on how i wrote; i seem can't receive condemn. when actually i need it.

i took one hour to write the 3 sentences email. and is waiting for a reply. now, when did this two paragraph part it connected? i am a non-native english speakers. to choose which part is more polite and how he would translated those sentences is just... ={

oh my english!  

ps: black is not dark, white is not bright. matter of fact


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