Pocahontas, and now Anastasia

Our childhood started innocently.

Both, them Anastasia and Pocahontas are stories so that they got the ending they deserve. Unfortunately, dear heart, humanity ain't so innocent like that.

-- this had been in my draft since 2016. seeing Pocahontas yesterday on Ralph Wreck-It 2 made me felt thankful for the history twisting. But why I felt being betrayed too?

Destinasi Terjah #4: Singapore

~what you should know before going to singapore~

Date: 14/04/2018 - 15/04/2018 (2D1N)
Exchange rate: SGD 1 to MYR 2.97

KLIA2 - Changi Airport: RM 75
Ez-Link Card: $10 (value inside $5) - used this instead of the tourist pass if you only staying here less than 3 days.

Changi Airport to VivoCity: ~ $1.90
Vivo Citymall to USS (return) : $4
Locker: $15(S), $30(L), $$$(XL)

USS tips? NEVER come here during the weekend except you have some more money to spend on the express tickets. Go to the Battlestar Galactica first, and the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure last. When you leave ur bag in the free first 55minutes locker, bring some cash. I look like a scammer when I want to open the locker because we exceed the time. It's $2 for the next 10 minutes if I am not mistaken.

VivoCity to MRT Ferrer Park: $(Nah, I don't recall this one as we stop at Lavender first, but I got a conclusion, the longest your ride, the cheaper you will be charged)

Hostel (Travellers Loft): RM56 (instead of going out at MRT Lavender, stop at MRT Ferrer Park and you need to walk around 5 minutes to the Travellers Loft) But, read the review guys. This hostel is bad, the bed sheet and toilet are dirty. 

Chinatown: Nah!!!! Ok. We are not sure where we really should go. Hahaha. This one really is just-go-first-later-we-will-know. Depend on what you want to see, either you should exit to Pagoda St or Chinatown. If you looking for the hawker street, it is on the Pagoda St! Buy me the coaster, please.

Marina Bay: Ok we want to see the lion-head-fish-tail hybrid iconic statue wasn't it? Coming here by the MRT? We are not going to Marina Bay people. If you want to take the pictures of the legend as the background, exit at the Raffles Park MRT. If you happened to exit at Bayfront MRT (Not Marina Bay) then, you will have an enjoyed 20 minutes walk along the lake. *we? ah, we were tired. haha*
so here the result of exiting on Bayfront MRT and giving up walking
Ok. Got to go. I update this with another DONT and the reason of exhaust later.

Ida's Travel: Korea 2017 #1

It's a 10 days vacation! Backpack trip (Actually I'm on cabin luggage. No backpack).

Date: 29.09.2017 until 07.10.2017
Total damage (all-in): RM 4461 (currency rate KRW 1000 = ~RM 3.82)
Location covered: Seoul, Busan

Bilalah mau update full itinerary? ntah.
Akak busy, dik.

Jumpa nanti.

Destinasi Terjah #3: Hatyai, Thailand (Part 2)

OK. I know it's been a year and 4 months, but I won't update the other trip if I haven't finished this. Sound promising? Buh, no. Here, the currency might be changing from MYR and bath.

Tuk-tuk; dari Stesen Kereta Api Hatyai ke Hi-Season Hotel: 20 bath

Well, we only booked one standard triple room via agoda.com but travel as a group of 6, so, we had to check-in in another room. Bajet boleh sumbat dalam satu bilik dan itu lebih seronok. I thought it may be because we already had another room booked via agoda.com, jadi bilik yang satu tu harga dia sama dengan yang agoda bagi.
Hi-Season hotel; standard triple room
Agoda.com : RM 83 (charge debit card RM4)
Immediate check-in : RM 79

Simpan barang, lepas tu turun. Setiap hotel tu confirm ada tuk-tuk dibawah. THB1800 kalau terasa mahu pusing Songkla. THB1200 untuk Hatyai sahaja. Function dia macam; kita sewa kereta termasuk pemandu sekali.

Lunch time. I am hungry! No, we all hungry! Abang yang layan kami tu pernah kerja di Kelantan, mahu cakap senang mengorder pun tidak, susah pun tidak. Entahlah. Hahaha... Language barrier is so damn funny.

Next, Municipal Park. Sebab ada Ice Dome. Kami tidak naik cable car, sebab mau jimat. Lain kalilah kalau mau ambil gambar sana.

still my favorite collage
ice dome versi kami
Ticket (adult) : 300 bath

Then, the must-go Khlong Hae floating market.

doesn't it cute?! i am using nikon L series, we are like 10 meters away
While writting this, THB 100 = MYR 9.93. But at the time we were in this trip THB 100 = MYR 9.60 (higher or lower. And the money exchange is where I severe my pocket as ringgit bought only at THB100 = MYR9.35 or MYR9.45 top) 

I spend almost MYR300 for the whole trip include a little shopping here and there, lots of tidbits for nibble... Ya, saya buat semua benda yang tidak perlu pun buat dan beli benda yang 'oh come on, you only found it here...' My bad, I know... But, Nadia manages to spend less than MYR170! Ika spends around MYR200 but no more. Doesn't they are amazing?! *Serius bah, kalau masih lagi student pun memang tiada hal mau jalan-jalan sini sebab bukan mau shopping pun...*

Just laugh it off

Somebody asks me, why am I still can laugh when I actually had lost 2 laptops? Well... what was there to cry for? Am I not sad? I am not that cold hearted.

16 August wasn't anyone birthday's. But our first experience having someone broke into our house. Surprisingly, other than the laptops and some cash (damn, its not just some cash. Basically, its my pocket money for the next two weeks) Nothing else taken by the person (or people).

I might have been stingy... I didn't want to share some of my rizki to others. 😂😂 I don't know. One of my friend said, 'pembersihan harta'... and when I used it to my other friend, some are mad to me.

Apparently,  I am sad. Really sad. But really, there is nothing I can do. I have to accept that yeah, shit happened. So that I remember we not always lucky. God let these happened so that I won't be so careless anymore.

Ok. Chao. I'm not so good in writing for the time being.       


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