the Maleficent

Curiously, it works. The reason of action(s). 

Who doesn't like Angelina Jolie? The forever Lara Croft is playing the evil godmother to Princess Aurora. I am 23 and enjoyed the movie, but whatever it is I want to share is "what was that again?"

All of the classic Disney's princess movie - Sleeping Beauty doesn't have any significant story line, it is just the king 'forgot' to invite the fourth fairy and she came cursed the baby to eternal sleep. This movie - The Maleficent told us, why the king intentionally forgetting the most powerful fairy. But lets come clean, all of the Disney villain including Ursula, Maleficent is the most wicked witch which look like forced in this movie. 

And again, this movie is from Maleficent point of view, why she had to play evil to King Stefan's daughter. She doesn't have to play wicked if she had not been tricked. I moved when child Aurora came hugging Maleficent - that moment 'ohh, you so cute!' is played by Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt... Sounds familiar??

Then, meet the three other fairy, Thistletwit, Knotgrass and Flittle (Flora, Fauna and Merryweather *truth is I re-watched Sleeping Beauty while writing this up*)... The three adorable fairy should not be annoying like in the movie, but hey, they are funny.

Kawan ni tanya "Kenapa King Stefan tu tak hensem? Kalau hensem akak oi, panjanglah cerita, kita pun tak nak dia jadi jahat macam tu; and I could made one good story to make this movie from less than 100 minute to exceed more than 2 hours and 30 minutes but it confirm is boring~ 

Whatever it is; Angelina Jolie is perfect! Part last tu nampak sangat Lara Croft *kan kaki Mrs Pitt ni panjang betul! Feminine yet a warrior. *grin* 


ps: to read back the paragraph two, I think practically all of the classic disney princess are. Oh my, how I could stand watching Sleeping Beauty?   

I second this;


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