Masa : cannot rewind


Pernah tidak kau main game Resident Evil or that annoying Angry Bird or may just 'bubble trouble'? Apa yang sama dalam setiap permainan video yang selalu dijadikan bahan menghilangkan bosan katanya mereka... Well, you can always repeat the game from the moment you want it to start. You may found some place to save the game, named the save point. While you just need to replay the whole game if you lost life, while your life is not.

"Jangan putus asa, kalau kamu gagal sekarang tidak bermakna kamu akan gagal dalam kehidupan. Ada sangat banyak perkara yang kamu boleh lakukan untuk bangun semula." A friend advises. Agree, but it will cost you more. What is cost? Money? One of it. Time, that what matter the most. Time is not something you can control. I meant the real time, the reality. Not the digital clock which you may control the second, not even the time to spin your clothes in the machine. It simply your life.

*as seen on [Ipa] note books*
a 20 years old rascal.
20 years x 356 days = 7,120 days
7120 days x 24 hours = 170, 880 hours
170 880 hours x 60 minutes = 10, 252, 800 minutes
 but from the 10, 252, 800 minutes how much i spent to study? to became a good daughter? to become a faithful fellow? 

We did think, the opportunity only come once. Almost no repetition, even how hard we try. Then where is our right to doesn't give the utmost effort when doing something?

People said you only appreciate thing when you lost them. So do time. Like a typical student does, there is still a lot of time before the submission date for any assignment, then the times passing by. When the times come, and only you can regret how come you can waste all the time you had before. Hah~~~ INGAT SEMPIT SEBELUM LAPANG!

If we come back to the calculation made before, have we ever give it a thought, did we give the best for every moment we had? I don't know. We did lot of wrong doing, that is the learning process. There is where we collecting experienced, but everything come later will not be easy nor perfect.

The future is a dream we made and the choice we will make. 
p.s :: get nuts in embedded class...


  1. betul tu... masa y berlalu tak leh di undur..

  2. @Hafizan Malik tapi ramai yang selalu buang-buang masa...he~



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