Wedges & Me

   I am a girl with 153cm in height... There is a moment where my height abandoned me. My hearts sometimes prick when someone said "sudahlah pindik, tagap pula tu..." Oh, please lah! Even those words are not for me, I hate to hear it! Especially, if the word is for someone who is higher than I am and slimmer than me… Oh, gross! I hate it.

   Turn out to be a misery, when along with my collage-mate, I am the shortest one. *except Hassrina Ramli, she is a PALAPES. She is just more than ordinary!* If I am at hometown, I don’t feel the different because we rarely talk about it, but not here. My height is one of my drop-point, when in any presentation; I will stand besides someone who is 170cm or 160cm… The difference is too much, it just turns out to be like that, as they are the people I stick with here. Remember, I am a girl. Even, if they make fun of it, “Idah, tinggi ke? Kecil je…” is there anything I can say to turn it down, I only can smile and laugh it all over. Then, after all, I just realize, that word keep spinning in my head regularly. If it so then sure my confident blow away when stand in crowd with too many centimeters shorter.

   I thought perfect height makes me confident, respectable and good look. Then something cross my mind after I getting crazy about shoes and undercover insoles. If I can control confident, I also can control height. (o_O) 

i want this one!
I definitely will have this

Huh?! Am I going to wear this wedges to go to lecture? Sure not!

The Best!
I'll consider this. ^_^ blah~blah~blah... I never thought on wearing this either. But I'm getting used to wedges. And I like it!


  1. What blog si this to u ida? New blog ka? dont know how to follow ba...huhu

  2. hehe..try r kai wedges g kuliah..
    sure sweet gile!!! phewwiiittt!!!! ;D

    blog lama mmg dah burn ea?

  3. @idah_2
    hahahha...nama kita sama bah...bah ada tu creamer sn bawah



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