Doodling Thoughts

whatever happen happens for good. i didn't have to argue. because it hard for us to choose which is the best for us. it happen if we have a choice.

but when something happens, and you don't have any other choices. that not the end meet, it just another path of our life that takes us into one direction. and we just have to moving in there. the differences is big if we inherently inclined to work hard, every misery we have will turn into advantages. 
just like mathematics, there is a lot of way we can solve the problem. nothing much to say, there is a thing we really want in the past, do we have to leave our dream just like that? no. sometimes there is a thing we can get in another way, don't  just give up. work with current condition, struggle for it and we will achieved whatever we want.

my current course just now may be not just what i thought before, not even a glance. but i doesn't have to care. because whatever my work is, i only have one thing to fulfilled. and i have to work it until it doesn't kill me. until i get into it, that time you can't suck me out already. hehehe

i may also not capable to work in this area. but am i have to be told such way?oh no, i heard it. you not telling me. are that kids are much better than us? we are learning here. to compare? please don't! we don't have such capability. that's why we worked harder than them. and you think we didn't because you said we are lazy. hm... i guess it is. i'm sorry. seriously this is my bad, i am neither a good student nor friend. i will do better this sem. not only at my current cgpa, but my knowledge. i will... that a promise. keep this with me, will you?

frankly, i'm dunked! that word, is the one that i really can't tell other. i want to, and every one will hurt just like i am. you will hate it even more. or it only my heart, the one that get weaker every time it weak, get sick every time it hurt, but never get strong if i want to be strong. 

Indeed, [O Muhammad], you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.
[al-Qasas (The Story) 28:56]

"Wahai Zat yang membolak-balikkan hati, tetapkanlah hatiku dalam agama-Mu dan ketaatan kepada-Mu."

i have a promise to keep
before i go to sleep.

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