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Assalammualaikum =)
Are you taking EKT231:Communication Systems? 
Did you notice the test is this Sunday? Computer program at DKR1, communication program at DKR3. If I don't mistaken, because i been told by Nawal since last week. Where the part of my brain register will recall that? The data is push to the undefined address at the stack pointer, and the interrupt just wont it recall, because  the HALT located before it. So it consider delete, because hit by the no-strike game at the same day. Huh?! What have been written now?
Ok, that microprocessor systems, and my brain doesn't have such register or program area or stack pointer. Erk, i think it have, but the brain Allah creates for human is the powerful tools ever.

chapter 2 : amplitude modulation
  • we know that the information signals can't travel far in the atmosphere as the medium. we need at least something like fiber optic to do that. wire! or maybe a lot of transmitter tower to transmit an information between two distance places.  >>  Doa tu wireless. Anytime, anywhere it have full coverage around the world. Doa kita akan didengar oleh Allah, tapi makbulnya doa itu bergantung dengan diri kita sendiri. Kan doa tu boleh terhijab?<<
  • modulation can be happen at the instantaneous time. the carrier frequency is in one tone, then the modulating signals act as the outline of the positive and negative peak of the carrier frequency at the time the information produce. >> There is an up and down in life. There is a time how lucky we are, how bliss life is, but there also a time where there is tears drop in our eyes.That makes life valuable. Because of problem, we will gain experience, we take serious about it and we gain knowledge about it. <<
  • however, the conventional AM is a large power consumption, which increase the cost. the carrier power constitutes is larger than 2/3 of the transmitted power and utilize large bandwidth. because the inefficient, the double sideband-suppress carrier, then the single sideband-suppress carrier and next the vestigial sideband.
  • even the single sideband had only either the upper sideband or lower sideband, it still transmit the whole information under controlled IL. >> Typical men, the information is turn upside down, until the other person misunderstood about it. The information also spread around and may just kill other. <<
  • AM receiver undergoes demodulator to received the modulated-wave back to the original source information. the shape factor will determine either the AM receiver have a good selectivity if the shape factor = 1, but only can be achieve theoretically. >> Tuntutlah ilmu, gunakan ia sebaik-baiknya. Dengan ilmu kita boleh bezakan yang baik dengan yang buruk. Don't simply think the teenagers already can differentiate between bad and good in their age. They need to learn. To be teach how cruel this world can be to them. Ini masalah tunjang kepada masalah keruntuhan akhlak yang lain. << *peringatan buat diri sendiri. ilmu bukan hanya untuk beraksi di meja exam*
    Oh, that cover 1/16 of the Chapter 2, part 1-3, so there is another 15/16 thing i don't list here. now study the mathematical expression. huh~ =]

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