1st Election! I vote for Kak Limah

Assalammualaikum. =]

Did you notice this poster?
The 1'st election for the student representative council is ended already. Hm mm... Isn't supposedly we already know the result by today? Wang Ulu's student seriously 'fan' yesterday, huhu...means plan b needed. So the problem like server down doesn't make the election in problem. Haish, just do like the general election is enough.

You know what? Student should be exposed to such election. They should know what their responsibility. Or else, the habit 'i didn't care about election' will continuously grow in their mind and the result will be like the national general election, only 67% go to selection. Very irresponsible. Ahhhh~~~You should know it by yourself.  

Later... I have class at 10.

p.s : Updated because of that poster. Tonight have EE test.


  1. gudluck EE!!!bce jgn x bce..
    t aq duk sblh ko k ;)

  2. @Nawal Atifah ak bawa je nota masuk... hahaha...kali ni mmg ak xtau apa2 tah



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