Happy Birthday

❤ (。◕‿◕。) ❤

2.2.1993 at Ciporeat Bandung, Indonesia
Today is my younger sister birthday's, Ella...
She just arrive home from PLKN camp today...
And my mum said, when she called her before 
"Ma, don't forget 2 February...don't forget..."
Sure mama only remember 
that parents need to pick their son/daughter at the camp,
so they can back for the CNY holiday. 
As my sister birthday always forgotten...
*hahaha... pity you*

sorry r..i have to finish my assignment... so no time to edit
Whatever! ツ
 ❤ Alia & Ella ❤

OMG! I can't believe she 18 already!
Well, you played you own happy birthday song ok.
Whatever the things come later,
we'll go through it together.

❤ (。◕‿◕。) ❤

My love for you is... So Big
My heart for you is... So Big

♬  Now playing : So Big - Iyaz



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