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Assalammualaikum. =]

    Finally the election is done. For the general constituent, I vote 5/14 person, yet only one of them win the election. And for schools constituent, both won by the 3rd years student. Sorry Vijay, I told you, do something if he want to win.

   According to [Pena Rayyan], there is only 30 people who come to the introduction session at Kg Wai. Hehehe... So bad lah you people at Kg Wai. Frankly, I didn't go also. There is a class that night at DKR1. That already minus 50-70 student who live in Kg Wai. There is also a lab at MKR5, also minus 60 person. And I don't know where the other. It doesn't mean we didn't have the attempt to go the other place, but when it comes to Wang Ulu, we had a test at DKP3, at Simpang Empat, we had lab at MKR5. As a conclusion, during election, I didn't even care who I vote. Kya! This KKB63 go for election ok.
    It is may be good to tell that the student representative council this semester is selected by the student, because if they dare to ignore the student problem. You'll dead with condemn, that's people behavior. I said IGNORE ok, if they make an attempt to solve it, but the university didn't help, it is another story. 

p.s : Quiet sad, when Priscillia and Lai Xue Wei didn't win the election. Yah!! You know who I vote. 2/5. Don't worry, i am not that some stupid rascal that will not support their leaders if they favourite one didn't win.

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