Assalammualaikum. =)

A wish that the heart make, have a power to move a men heart.

Saya mahu ini!

 I like 'freezing the best moment'. Alang-alang beli kamera DSLR. i saw a masterpiece at Ana Faraqien a.k.a Along when hang out at her house at July. what a stunning picture in the frame. i just can't believe that was her own art work. she is a good photographer, she know when and where the right moment to click. even still using the same old point-and-shoot/compact camera, but lot of us recognize her talent. 

so did i try to copy it? yes. i have my own definition of beauty, it may can't be compare to other. it for my own collection. freezing the moment that will never repeated with the same feeling, because memory will lead us back to the love. peace!

p.s :: should i have it or not?


  1. Love! thanx for the compliment, dearie.. twas nothing ba tu. huhu. yup. boleh beli ba kalau betul2 mampu untuk bertahan sakit kepala memikirkan dimana mau beli filem, mana tempat yang ada jual filem murah. mine is white in color (mcm di atas), quit expensive banding dengan yang lain. i'll share you d link about this later on, ok?
    last, thanx again utk pujian itu. **humble**

  2. @Bellalong ah...nnt sy cari, tgk lah dulu...uwah...x pun sa beli yg biasa punya..tp sgt 'kepingin' utk memiliki ni benda

  3. hehe. text me later on ah kalau mau tanya banyak pasal ni kamera :)



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