Reading Challenge

"I like reading!" Huh, statement bah..euh...  was inspired by 2011 Reading Challenge coordinated by goodreads... untuk menyokong budaya membaca. Ala-ala program NILAM, tapi diubahsuai dan ada sasaran.

kunun mo buat teaser...
We still have another 3 months before a new year 2012. will i be able read up to 50 books? comic a.k.a manga excluded.even to finish 3 books in a week is hard for me. seriously! but when it come to novel, there is no worries, i can read 6 novels per week. but i took 1 week to finish Kuasa Motivasi by Daniel Jebon Janaun. well, i guess it only me...

well here it is... 25 books!  excluded manga...however, novel will be count! nah, how to gear myself up if i always get bored on it? force... well, that the word i need to use for this semester, i have 2 years to go!

Later... Lift off for the challenge on the dream land... peace! Assalammualaikum... Good night.

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