delusion? 'a false belief about yourself or the situation you are in' - according to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. And this girl is under this situation. where i blame the Korean Wave, especially DaraGon.

the history repeat itself.i've been addicted to anime and manga before. the only way to get rid with it is; -throw away all my manga-magazine , stop buying arena* and kreko*, do something or wake up at the afternoon to avoid joining my younger brother watching anime every weekend and even forgetting the gundam vcd collection. dang! you know how hard it is... thus now i read only one shot manga and 10 episode anime... never to naruto or bleach. *err...exclusion to one piece..hehe... it's funny and may be stupid too, but i'm some kind of people who get crazy to something i addicted to.

and this time. it just getting worst. with all the DaraGon shipper all around the internet, i'll be getting more and more excited. without any effort to stop clicking all the investigation made by the applers and the other. it look real and the feeling to know more is inevitable. i only found out about this when i searching for GD and 2NE1 MV. i know there is another pairing, but this pair look like real... ok, i know i should stop.
but you know, even every one want to know either G-Dragon and Sandara Park is a couple but just let it undercover. it is just if we know the answer ,then that will be the ending of that crazy fanvid and daragon moment that uploaded to the youtube.

then, why is that i'm shaking? i like woodara too.. jeez, this is their personal life after all.

2NE1 is my bias. 

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