Yana's engagement day


We were at Shah Alam, when I said we, it all of us; Farah, Nadia, Arin, Am, Azer, Ika, Has, and me to attend Yana's engagement - "tujuan kami datang adalah untuk merisik dan kalau mendapat persetujuan (short silence) terus bertunang" - wakil belah lelaki. 

There is another plan planned, but never mind, I am already contented at the night after at I-City. I hate when there is a lot and a lot of photo... I hate editing, collaging it, it consumes time. And I just can’t stop digging on it, oh poor dear. I need to stack the report, study the master formula and write the code, but all these stuff get my priority, I am forever preempted. 

30.03.2013 - Yana

whoop up @ icity
I think that the photo is self-explanatory. I just scramble the pictures; drags whatever catches my eyes and create the cottage. Later...

ps : UniMAP ada buat kursus kahwin 13 dan 14 April ni. Student UniMAP yang berminat bolehlah cari orang yang berkenaan...

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