jadilah penulis skrip

Sarcasm intended.

Tiga, mungkin empat tahun yang lepas, saya layan cerita The Grateful Death: Corpse Bride... Victor and Emily, dan rasa macam kenapa la ending dia macam tu. Bittersweet. Selepas tu, 5cm per seconds dan Children Who Chase the Lost Voices karya Makoto Shinkai. Same feeling - intriguing, selepas tu janji tidak lagi lah konon mau tengok cerita macam tu, tapi helpless... 

Lepas tu again, dalam bulan lepas mungkin saya tumpang sekaki dengan akak-akak ni tengok Mama. I am not really a movie person, but like other, I enjoy the moment of getting together, scream, laugh and cry for ridiculous thing and pretending that you are actually yawning instead of crying.  But the only this came to struck, "What had we thought is poor ending, may actually the happy ending for that particular act." Erkk... Where did I get that again? 

Realitinya; yang mati tidak akan hidup semula di atas bumi ni. Full Metal Alchemist punya cerita, they thought that magic or whatever algorithm they hope can revive their mum soul, cost his brother body and his arm. Ok, saya tidak layan Full Metal Alchemist and so, I might be wrong about the story line.

Masa tengok Mama tu, (dua kali tengok sebab tidak puas hati) kenapa dia bawa Lily tu, Lily is grow fonder to her sister, you heartless mama! And Lily... How could you? Lily who is always, always stand behind and protected by her sister choose the ghost mama instead of her sister... Then, if Lily choose to stay alive, what could she do? She sleep under her sister bed, she eat butterfly?moths? and barely can speaks... She might been tortured during her childhood, the neighbor will point her poor crazy little lad and the teenager life will be harder... (suka hati saya ja cakap macam tu, but it is. Oh jauhnya fikir supaya dapat terima ending macam tu.) 

Kita judge satu cerita tu, berdasarkan perkembangan watak dalam cerita tu. Kita tidak nampak perkembangan watak dengan watak yang lain. Kalau ada, maknanya cerita itu akan jadi lifetime. Itu sebabnya ada hero dan heroin, perkembangan cerita antara dorang, dan bila jadi macam Victor tu tetap kahwin dengan Victoria, we are thinking, oh my what happen to Emily? Victoria didn't play piano, didn't have a zing about it... Oh my, you know?! Mestilah tau... Emily wish is getting married, and Victor give that to her, so now she can RIP. Or, did you agree for Victor loss all the wealthy and air he had to made Emily have a husband and not solely a marriage? I think I will said later, come on, how stupid this story could be, are you promoting suicide?! (tiba-tiba) 

I quote "If the Bollywood made a sad ending stories, the theater will be burn." That bad? Wow, is that even true? No offence. 

ps: im busy. this post is drafted since last week...

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