menyakiti hati orang lain

kailun's status on FB some times before - it can be two different question

ada masanya kita jadi sangat geram, mungkin geram bukan perkataan yang sesuai, kita annoyed dengan semua perkara. Dalam satu situasi dimana kita rasa, orang itu tidak mahu memahami dan menerima keadaan yang sedang berlaku - we were so dense and intense emotionally that not even realize how offensive we are to the other. menyakiti hati orang lain, tanpa sebarang sebab.  Yang kemudiannya meninggalkan kita dengan air mata, tanpa menyedari baju kita basah juga dengan air mata. manja tahu! so what?! leave it like that. but...

kita tidak pernah bermaksud untuk sengaja menyakiti hati orang lain. apatah lagi maliciously injured them; physically nor mentally. anyhow, all human being hurt their companion sometimes. That is the code of life; we are the end user of our patient.  
to live this life, you should enjoy every little time you can treasure

To be consider, what it is that hurt other? It's not an easy task to figure out. What did you thought at that moment you said those heart-wrecking word? How can you avoid hurting other? What do you need to understand? That some bunch of question to ask, but put another thing to action. 

we are asking people to be more responsible with their own feeling, not by not supportive to them, but let them grow a little bit more stronger, and not dragging the whole atmosphere to be dull. wait! i didn't mention we are ignoring what they feel. 
kadang-kadang, simpati buat orang itu rasa lebih teruk.
wrote during sitting inside the yellow-bus

HA.HA.HA... is actually talking to myself. I am someone who feel miserable when someone is hurt because of me. And it simply because, I wish those people are happy - without realizing some of the decision make them hurt more.

ps :: another 2 weeks to go before exam. ah ~ 

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