A Song For Her - Burhan G

Old song that get listed in my playlist! and I don't know why I can't stop smiling.. heh~~~

She came in my life 
She only had to walk by 
I got the feeling and I don’t know why 
Not familiar with love 
But this feeling is so much more than I felt before and I 
I don’t know why I can’t stop smiling 
And I can’t hide 
I don’t know what it is but I like it 
Can’t she see me 
Can’t she hear 
How my heart could say why 
She really had me going 
She passes by once again 
I wonder how this will end 
Will I ever get to speak to her and 
If I did, what would I say 
My nerves would get in the way 
She’s probably got a boyfriend anyway 
I hope she’s giving
I hope she’s living 
I hope she knows 
I’m talking about the day I met her 
I can’t stop thinking about what I'm missing 
Oh, and then I say how I feel 

She really had me going (2x) 

I wonder if she’s listening 

She really had me going (6x)

p.s :: Nah, sangat~~~ sangat lama tidak menaip... Sekarang ni addicted dengan games. Lepas ni, mau upload pasal labah-labah, nama baru untuk kereta mama. Sebab ada labah-labah besar didepan cermin...

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