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caution : manglish language used here. nah, i am malaysian native indeed. this post have varies source, please click on words to read full article.

at sudden, i remembered anne, old friend from matriculation. hah~~always get bullied by this sister, and i always abondoned her. that fair. during first sem final exam i guess, she ask me "what colour to use, today is mathematics. i need  to wear baju kurung with bright colour. but i didn't have any." you are going to answer an exam, a very important one, why bother choosing colour for you clothes?

psychologically, your brain are stimulated by certain colours. colour may trigger an anxious, free or comfortable feeling to yourself or to other people unconsciously. what will you say when you see a boy with pink shirt? "is he a feminine?" ,"whoa! he is cute." nah~~ such word may came out, because pink were always refer to girlish, a good-nature of women. so it is weird for boy, but still it show approachability. Ya, some women just didn't like this colour. That understood, may be they just like black, a mysterious and protective. then how colour may affects you?
nah~~ such question isn't for me to answer. but here you go, summary from uncle Google, our brain receive colours from 3 channels, red, green and blue. This colour signal also travel to pituitary and pineal glands through hypothalamus. Pituitary function as hormone controller, including maturation, growth and metabolism. Pineal, control your biological clocks. Hypothalamus then is an important part of our brain that control behaviour, heartbeat, body temperature and emotion. Then, it logic if the impulse from the colour may affect the systems of our body. 
regarding to the case of the contrasting colour for McDonald, red and yellow. some people may ignore this, but, there is a study prove that red and yellow are the first colour catches and process by our brain. McDonald is a titan company which require it to make big profit, thus large number of customer. McDonald’s doesn’t want you to be comfortable and hungry, they want you to be uncomfortable so you eat and leave. red stimulates appetite, but yellow make you irritate. full reading here [the folder store]
is the colour effects same with picture? before i said the picture is colourful, thus it same. here some explaination, advertisement used to attract us as the customer to buy the product. it show us the picture. yet, sometimes the result is not like what we expect it is. we know it doesn't suit us, it may give harm to us, but because our brain are stimulate by the images, we just didn't care.

oh, only i get the message from a teacher, why women used in the advertisement? because they are attractive, seductive and eyes-catching. at first glance, you just didn't care, second time you look at what being promoted, third time, you getting used with it, after several time you look at the advertisement, you fall into it, and spend for it. do you think what it do to you? brain wash. your right brain play it role on the way it should be, stimulated by images.
if you are not illuminati obsessed, you'll found out what im writing down here is something stupid, well i didn't force you to continue your reading. but maybe you just want to kill your time here.

i am GD fan. he is very passionate about music and have an amazing piece of music, but sometimes his music video with the all seeing eyes, it scary me. Lucifer by Shinee, even it a song for a girl, i bet you know what lucifer is actually. because of their influences, some people attracted to it, also start believing on it.  there is a lot of this thing happen outside there. and the only question left for you is, do you know what you start to believe when certain symbols affecting you?

do some research please!
p.s : why such thing is scary? kita tidak pernah sekali pun terlepas dengan pengaruh syaitan. apabila kita terlalu obses dengan sesuatu perkara, kita tidak peduli perkara yang berlaku. kita hidup selesa dalam bom masa yang bakal meletup bila-bila, kita rasa kita bersedia, tapi kita tidak pernah tahu apa yang bakal berlaku. frankly, otak kita sedang melalui brain wash yang sangat-sangat halus dan tajam.

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