Just my 7 years old heart: Cinderella 2015 and Jelsa

Well, welcome 24 years old... It wasn't only Nadia and I queuing waiting to enter the hall... Well, even my lecturer go watched the movie, but of course with her daughters. 

I watched 'Into the Woods' and seriously disappointed. Even I really like Anna Kendrick, but may be a musical movie was not in my favorite genre. What the point of remake a story, and change nothing? Disney had preserved it originality of that favorite life time fairy tale. We had watch Maleficent, but in Cinderella, the step mother is still selfish even thought I think they want to portray her as lonely after losing her husband and Cinderella's father basically ignore her.

Ah, I am Frozen fan. And a crazy delusional Jelsa-shipper. So, the Frozen Fever sequel is a big Yay for me. 
Credit : https://www.tumblr.com/search/I-Ship-Jelsa
Credit: https://www.tumblr.com/search/I-Ship-Jelsa

Ah. Sorry... 

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