buka buku seperti membuka dunia!

Assalammualaikum =)
Intel Talent Hunt
I like both transistor-level and now immerse deeply into the computer architecture, but somehow... seems like I don't have the talent that looking by those large company. It's what I said, not them.

buka buku seperti membuka dunia. How cool is that?! I never heard this actually, but that inspiring! You don't have to go around the globe to now something that had been written on the book. You never know what behind the pages, so don't skip reading.

At sudden I think I should give it a try, if I can't catch it, I should gather something. Not simple, but am tired to be satisfied and being comfortable without advancing. hello hassle, hello ivy - i read about you before, but i need to know more, hello green book. ah, hello cst! 

and tomorrow, hello kkf 28.

ps : this post is seriously... perlu kah?! harus lah~~




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