heartbreak makes a person more mature, doesn't it?

Heartbreak is an emotional defeat, the overwhelming sorrow, grief, or disappointment, especially because of love, and love isn't just the feeling nurtured between your companion and you,  it's universal, a tender feeling towards any person or thing.

When these emotional pain brings you to your knees, put your chin up. Well, easier said than done, but that it, God doesn't help you by providing life without any obstacle. 

"I had gone through the web, looking for help. But it all are plain text, I am, myself need to move on." It's good to see lot had gotten over it, because it is depend on oneself, not another. Even how hard the society, your loved one, or your friend tried to motivate you, without any effort from you, you just start pitying yourself, how pathetic is that?

A mental breakdown may even lead to suicide, the worst case scenario - part of it happens indeed. There are cases where they abandon the one they used to love, just as part of the price to reconcile back their own self. I once found it stupid, annoying and heartless. I thought they were that weak until they are not able to take care their life, even I didn't know the episode of their life that evoked a tearful reaction. The impression I did just make they look the worst, which turn out I am the one who heartless.

What happens after all the hard work, pail of tears to stand up again?

I know, it's not easy to bounce back from heartbroken, it's NOT easy. Kelly Clarkson, Stronger's lyrics, "what doesn't kill you makes you a fighter, foot step even lighter..." If, you are those who don't hold grudges, those who learn to embrace what they had faced. 

You will learn how to trust others, not only blindly trusting of them, well may be improve your poor social life. You learnt how to motivate yourself quickly, it's because you learnt the art of letting go, let go the person you loved. You forgive those who leave you behind. Isn't they said, the best teacher is Mr. Experience?

The heartbroken experiences are just another way to teach you how to be patient. Surprisingly, you will become stronger than you imagine, you found out another realistic view of life. You'll appreciate more those people who still stand by your side.    

This, after all, doesn't happen to all of us. Some people, hold the pain in their chest without even aware about it, and causing them to hate others more. It's just, the times we think about our past, there is a story we loved, we hate now and love the episode that we hated. Heartbreak makes a person more mature, doesn't it? Then, it may be for the best!

there is an emotion that made me reconsider the situations of the people that I see every day

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