it's okay to cry

there is pain to bear. all the emotion is all mixed up, make it even harder. 

Wednesday: 28/12/2011
and the feeling just need to turn into; 

printf ("Current feeling > \n");
scanf ("%heart", &feeling");
people_saw = feeling & smile;
printf (" ^_^ = %heart", people_saw);
end;              //whatever it is, smile... n _ n  

the truth is... i am tired, tapi... ada keseronokan dalam kesusahan. this one i can't deny. 
my hand ask to stop, yet the adrenalin just on rush! urmm... i figure out that, there is nothing about this post... just want to kill time... 

current project: RMS Meter (ADC0804, LCD) -not running-
i need oscilloscope and function generator now! i mean now!! now!!



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