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Now is the time for treatment... Sorry, no secret recipes nor pizza. Just a kimpab treatment by a friend... Uwah, thanks dear... - With Soon and Farah. =) Senyum sampai ke telinga. Without any cucumber, egg, carrot or what so ever the ingredient except, some pepper, dried see weed, rice for sure and salt, but enough as my dinner today. Nadia refuse to eat! I don't care, as I didn't want to share it anyway. *Gedeet! Shut up! I am...*

It almost the end of study week, isn't? I didn't even notice how in the blink of eyes, tomorrow will be Friday and next week will be my semester 5 final exam. - another 3 to go! then the real battle come. 

Well, good luck for those who taking paper at 2nd january. Mine start at 4 January, for BI U. Continue at 7th for MCS, 13 for OS, 14 for embedded and finally 17 for DSP. Don't look at the gap, it still not enough! Especially for OS and Embedded. I put my faith on DSP and MCS. Please BI U, don't pull my CGPA down this year... (UniMAP C, always hurting me!) 

After yesterday, fatal heartbreak... :'( today need to recharger to the fullest. That the spirit, baby! *Wekkk!* Been in the phone with my beloved parents, *thanks to GOD, technologies advancing* and a friend. Just to throw out all the hard feeling.

ps :: just a simple hi make a crappy day ... fine. 

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