Destinasi Terjah #4: Singapore

~what you should know before going to singapore~

Date: 14/04/2018 - 15/04/2018 (2D1N)
Exchange rate: SGD 1 to MYR 2.97

KLIA2 - Changi Airport: RM 75
Ez-Link Card: $10 (value inside $5) - used this instead of the tourist pass if you only staying here less than 3 days.

Changi Airport to VivoCity: ~ $1.90
Vivo Citymall to USS (return) : $4
Locker: $15(S), $30(L), $$$(XL)

USS tips? NEVER come here during the weekend except you have some more money to spend on the express tickets. Go to the Battlestar Galactica first, and the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure last. When you leave ur bag in the free first 55minutes locker, bring some cash. I look like a scammer when I want to open the locker because we exceed the time. It's $2 for the next 10 minutes if I am not mistaken.

VivoCity to MRT Ferrer Park: $(Nah, I don't recall this one as we stop at Lavender first, but I got a conclusion, the longest your ride, the cheaper you will be charged)

Hostel (Travellers Loft): RM56 (instead of going out at MRT Lavender, stop at MRT Ferrer Park and you need to walk around 5 minutes to the Travellers Loft) But, read the review guys. This hostel is bad, the bed sheet and toilet are dirty. 

Chinatown: Nah!!!! Ok. We are not sure where we really should go. Hahaha. This one really is just-go-first-later-we-will-know. Depend on what you want to see, either you should exit to Pagoda St or Chinatown. If you looking for the hawker street, it is on the Pagoda St! Buy me the coaster, please.

Marina Bay: Ok we want to see the lion-head-fish-tail hybrid iconic statue wasn't it? Coming here by the MRT? We are not going to Marina Bay people. If you want to take the pictures of the legend as the background, exit at the Raffles Park MRT. If you happened to exit at Bayfront MRT (Not Marina Bay) then, you will have an enjoyed 20 minutes walk along the lake. *we? ah, we were tired. haha*
so here the result of exiting on Bayfront MRT and giving up walking
Ok. Got to go. I update this with another DONT and the reason of exhaust later.

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