Gunung Kinabalu – Part 2: The Hike

Timpohon Gate - Laban Rata

It is 6KM from Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata *but trust me, it doesn't feel like only 6KM. And I felt cheated. You, the sign lied to me right?! * Well, climbing Mt. Kinabalu really depends on our physical fitness, that is why that 6KM seems like 10KM for me but for some other people, 'oh come on this is such an easy trail.' Don't walk with them, these will psychologically make it harder for you as you inrush to follow their steps. They are dragon, I am ... err... waiting the snails so we could reach the peak together? 

the dragon was way ahead

I won't say you couldn't reach the peak without training. No, you could. That is the matter of your endurance level. But do listen to me, do not underestimate the trail in Mount Kinabalu *so do the Broga*. It might leave you disappointed with yourself even you reach the peak.

This is what happened when there is fog inside your lenses

Tangga V2

Tangga V3

Dinner at Laban Rata.

Alhamdulillah, kenyang. Hahaha

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