paranoid and gaining more weight


I still have two paper to take for exam, i.e Electric Circuits and Engineer in Society. After the three days hat trick, this Monday the last two paper again will be at two consecutive days. Never mind, I'll put my utmost effort. *so-called-utmost effort*

What happen this semester that make me feel paranoid? I never imagine that I would spent 3 days with only 2 hours for sleep because of some gross error before the project presentation. "Sebab ko nda yakin dengan circuit ko Idah. Ok sudah ni." The thing is, whenever he leaves us, and the sensors start reading unknown value. Then, when he came, the reading go fine. Why? And I even gave up the next morning, until he came to help again and said those word. Thank you! It seem like I can't even let this word cross my mind "This is the time to make mistake!" I never learnt isn't?

Where did you they saw me? How did they know that I am gaining weight? It's because every one said those word to me, through Facebook, Twitter and phone. I know it! I gain not least than 5kg only for this semester, to sum up, I gained 15kg through 3 years in UniMAP. Wah! My BMI is 24!! OK. I know, I need to do something. Wait after I am doe sit for my exam.

New wishlist? =)
    * BMI = 22.0 ; Let have a healthy weight


ps : mari kita sama-sama berdoa agar dibukakan hati untuk dapat menerima ilmu dengan baik. =) sama-sama kita berusaha dan meletakan pergantungan kepada ALLAH.


  1. gross error defined by human or environment mistake... that some kind of silly in this case

    1. yea..I know that..hehe..=)
      all da best!



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