i wonder should i hope?

I wrote somewhere about abang kulit putih ala-ala Liam Hemsworth and I told everyone that i actually having a crush with Liam Hemsworth. LOL. everyone surely like the Hemsworth siblings.. because why not?

But my Liam Hemsworth is entirely a different person. The one who teach me some cheesy punchlines. It was so smooth that sometimes even I know its just for fun, but I cant handle it.

How did I do bold write it here? Because i know he never comes and read anymore. I read a thread in Beetalk, about stop chasing him... i never chase him.. and will never dare to, because there will be no future to talk about😂

Then why I write? I simply want to write something.

I am bored. When Im bored, I want to talk. But I am so tired to speak. So I wrote something, but I have a lot to read. This is from another months ago drafts.


Dear myself, please do something on this.

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